Making Beautiful Bras - List of Contents

Below is a list of the Table of Contents of the book - Making Beautiful Bras. The book covers topics from "Your Approach to Bra Making" to topics on "Overcoming Difficulties". Click here to return to the previous page.


Your Approach to Bra Making

Description of a Well Fitting Bra
What You Will Need to Make a Bra

Some Basic Information

Selecting Fabric
Bonding Fabric and Lace
Elastic & Lace
Some Non-Underwired Bra Designs

Sewing Methods

Construction Safeguards
Elastic Application
Underwire Casing Application
Strap Elastic Application
Closure Application
Sewing Tips
Cup Lining Methods
Padded Bras

Pattern Making

How to Convert Your Favourite Bra into a Guaranteed Pattern
An Underwired Bra Pattern
A Non-Underwired Bra Pattern
How to Produce a Bra Pattern from an Intact Bra
Bras with Stretch-Fabric Cups
Converting a Stretch-Fabric Cup Bra Pattern Into a Non-Stretch Fabric
Cup Bra Pattern
The Challenge of a Moulded Cup
Converting one Bra Pattern/Style into Another
Checking Your Pattern

Sewing Instructions

A Typical Underwired Bra
A Small Centre-Piece Underwired Bra
Six Styles of Underwired Bras
A Typical Non-Underwired Bra
Nine Styles of Non-Underwired Bras

Lace Design

Special Bras

Nursing Bras
Sewing Instructions for two types of Nursing Bras
Converting Your Normal Bra Pattern to a Nursing Bra Pattern
Strapless Bras
Long Line Bras & Bra Body Suits
Mastectomy Bras
'Push Up' Bras
Sports Bras
Minimiser Bras
Front Opening Bras
Sewing Instructions for Front Opening Bras
'Heavy Duty' Bras

Overcoming Difficulties

If Your
Bra-Cups are too Small
Bra is too Tight Around the Ribcage
Bra too Loose Around the Ribcage
Bra-Straps Fall Over Your Shoulders
Bra-Back Rides Up
Breasts are Different Size/Shape
Spandex Side/Back Gapes Under the Arms

Producing a Cup Pattern From a Breast

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