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The book "Making Beautiful Bras" is dedicated to my lovely mother Rae Burke, who taught her over enthusiastic daughter to sew. To Val Samuelson, for her generosity. To my husband Rod, who graciously allows his home to look like a bra factory. And last but certianly not least, to the God and Father of my Lord Jesus Christ, who created breasts in the first place and has given me the talent to make bras beautiful enough to be worn on them.

Making Beautiful Bras - the book. To view the contents list of the book, click here.

It is 202 pages in length, contains 282 monochrome diagrams and 3 pages of colour plates. It has a wire bound spine so that it may be folded back onto itself, using a minimum of space next to your sewing machine.

It contains -

* An analysis of a well fitting bra and the components of a bra.

* Instructions for drafting your own individual bra pattern from your favourite bra.

* An explanation of all the basic sewing techniques that enable us to sew very professional looking bras on the humble sewing machine.

* General sewing instructions for "typical' underwired and non-underwired bras.

* Specific sewing instructions for six different styles of underwired bras.

*Specific sewing instructions for nine different styles of non-underwired bras.

* An analysis of the design and construction of a range of special bras: nursing bras, strapless bras, 'push-up' bras, long-line bras, bra body-suits, mastectomy bras, sports bras, minimiser bras, front opening bras and 'heavy duty' bras.

* Strategies to overcome some design and fit problems.

* A method for producing a cup pattern from a breast.

Making Beautiful Bras - the DVD.

A detailed comprehensive instructional DVD covering a mutlitude of bra-making techniques - from drafting your individual bra pattern to professional finishing techniques.

The DVD is available in NTFS format for the American continent and PAL format for the Australasian and European areas.

Making Beautiful Swimwear - The book.

A 140 page textbook that explains how to draft the pattern of, and construct a perfectly-fitting, fully-lined structured one-piece swimsuit and a structured bikini bra: swimwear that contains proper bra cups and a proper bra back fully integrated into its design so that it gives you all the shaping and support that you obtain from your favourite bra. The bra pattern is derived from your favourite underwired manufactured bra, and the pattern of the body of the one-piece swimsuit is initially drafted from the body measurements.

This book builds on the foundational information contained in "Making Beautiful Bras", but "Making Beautiful Swimwear" is a completely independent textbook in itself. It also contains advanced bra-making techniques: additional bra-fitting information, and additional bra pattern-making information (eg. correcting the shape of an underwire in a bra’s design and different ways to increase/decrease the cup volume) so that the cup fit can be perfected.

It includes a whole section on swimsuit strap options and sewing instructions for sewing different styles of straps, as well as a large, comprehensive section on designing swimwear for some of the common figure types, so that the style of your swimsuit can flatter your particular figure shape.

This is a revolutionary publication designed for "well endowed" women who require better bust support and a better fit than is given by manufactured swimwear.

Like "Making Beautiful Bras", it is the only book of its kind available world-wide and its application is ideal not only for swimwear, but dancewear as well.


  • "Making Beautiful Bras": the book $45 (approx. US$44 *) plus shipping order here
  • "Making Beautiful Bras": the DVD $40 (approx. US$39 *) plus shipping order here
  • "Making Beautiful Swimwear": the book $45 (approx. US$44 *) plus shipping order here
  • "Making Beautiful Bras": the book and the DVD for $70 (approx. US$69 *) plus shipping order here
  • "Making Beautiful Bras" the book and the DVD plus "Making Beautiful Swimwear": All three for $110 (approx. US$109 *) plus shipping order here

All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST.
(* US dollar estimates based on AUD$1 ~= US$0.98 as at November 2010 and subject to change)

Orders outside Australia are sent economy air freight or airmail.
Australian orders are sent by regular post or express post.

Bankcard, Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and bank cheques accepted.

Making Beautiful Bras - Bra Pattern Service.

* Do you have a favourite bra that fits you 'like a glove'?

* Would you like its pattern professionally drafted so that you can sew identical new bras for a fraction of the retail price?

If so, you may like to send us your bra. We can dismantle it (cut it up), accurately draft its pattern, analyse the cup fabrics, laces etc, match the underwire shape (if it is an underwire bra) and send you back the pattern plus a basic bra kit so that you can successfully clone your original bra. Please visit our online store for more information and to order this service.

The price of an individual pattern is $150.00 AUD plus shipping.

A Single Bra Kit is $25.00 AUD plus shipping.

A Double Bra Kit is $45.00 AUD plus shipping.

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